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TE Construction Services, LLC, is a select construction firm headquartered in Bucks County, PA Serving the Tri-State Area with hundreds of completed projects throughout Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. TE Construction Services, LLC has repeatedly succeeded in exceeding the expectations of its institutional, commercial, private health care and municipal clients. We have completed all projects on time, on budget with high quality.

TE Construction Services, LLC performs projects of various sizes for schools and universities, corporations, office complexes, health care, retail centers, warehouses, manufacturers, and the public sector. We complete projects as small as maintenance of facility to as large as corporate headquarters.

The company has a standing safety program, which includes a safety committee and ongoing safety training and first aid of employees.

TE Construction Services, LLC is, active in all phases of the operation; strive to build lasting relationships with their clientele through trust, service and value for money expended.

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